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Easter Programs, Easter Plays, Easter Musicals!


"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the hard work you have put into developing dramas.  The one I just ordered (Tell Me the Story of Jesus) will be the third one I have purchased and will perform.  Not only have these dramas touched lives, but they have built relationships and offered fellowship opportunities for members of the church.  Friendships have been kindled, and it has taught people to pray together.  Thank you again.  May God continue to bless your ministry." - Church Drama Director


"Seven people were saved!-Pastor


"As we perfected the characters and their emotions

(In Due Season) the interwoven messages of the play began to permeate the whole cast, transforming lives.  Our prayers turned from 'Help each actor to remember his lines' to 'help us to be worthy to proclaim this message,' and 'may the message of this play reach into every heart in the audience.' None of us will ever be the same."

Christian School Drama Coach


"One dynamic program!" - Director


"Wonderful Lessons!"-Professional Piano Instructor

 (piano course)


"We're so glad we found you!" - Homeschool Mom


"This was the most amazing program I've ever directed (A Picture of Calvary).  Every time I went to a practice I received something different from it.  Our pastor checked through the script for doctrine and found it to be very Biblically accurate.  Good plays are hard to find;  this one is profound. It was marvelous.  Thank you for your good work. " - Church Drama Director


"The Bible came alive!" - Youth Group Leader


"Beautifully written!" (A Picture of Calvary)


"The song, "Do I Deny My Lord" 

really spoke to my heart." - Pastor

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