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"Best historical fiction I have ever read!"

(5 star review of Redemption's Promise


"This story is a delight to read. It is extremely well written with believable characters and a compelling plot. It is solidly grounded in the historical setting of Colonial Williamsburg at the start of the American Revolution—the author has definitely done her research. The characters are so well developed, I guarantee any reader will find themselves rooting for them. This is a sweet love story with themes of redemption and forgiveness woven throughout the story in a beautiful and inspiring way. I highly recommend this book. One of my favorite reads of the year!" 


"In Due Season is a VERY well written story that I could not put down. Sandi Rebert has an amazing way of keeping the reader inspired to know what was on the next page! I LOVED it!!!!!!! I would be quick to read anything written by this wonderful author!"


"Ms. Rebert has made a creditable entrance into the Christian fiction field, no doubt influenced and enhanced by her experience in authoring plays and cantatas. Even at this early time in her career, she has earned my 5-star rating with a great story in a fascinating historical setting."


"Accomplishing nearly the impossible (a lovely cover in a Colonial Williamsburg theme) along with a well-written and researched novel of the era, this novel was a real find. As one of my favorite sites to visit and a history buff, it was a real treat to enjoy this Christian-based romance. The characters depicted a variety of backgrounds: a family entitled with issues, an indentured servant from a workhouse and one who lost her parents in the voyage to America. Revealing both the best and worst of human nature, the author was after to weave together a web of emotions culminating in seeing the light through redemption and love, resulting in an unexpected conclusion."


"If you like to feel like you're walking beside the characters, part of the community, smelling the scents of the location, and hearing the sounds you will want to read this book! I heard the creaking of the ship while sensing the aroma of the creosote on the timbers. The feel of the sunlight when coming on deck. One will feel the frustration of John as he struggles with unjust men. The thrill of finding his way to achievement while trusting in the Savior. This is an enjoyable book to read!!"


"Excellent story line about colonial Virginia. The characters are realistic and the story kept me reading until the end. I couldn't put it down. Elizabeth, the main character is humble and hard working, making a good life after it seemed her whole world had ended. The surprising conclusion made for a happy ending. My favorite kind of book. The clear Gospel message was refreshing."


"For an enjoyable evening, I was transported to Williamsburg, Virginia, to the days of the colonies and the American Revolution. The story is true to history (with a entwined story line that kept me in suspense) and true to the Bible. It's a must-read!"


"I liked the characters and the dialogue. The characters were so real, I didn't want the book to end. Maybe she will write a sequel!" 


"This author captured my attention from the first page. A wonderful story, well thought out. I couldn’t put it down!! An excellent read. I’m eager to read any of her works, knowing they will be clean and God honoring!!"


"A beautiful story! Stories of loss in the beginning of the book but God's works all things together for good as believers rely on him. You are captivated on page one & I found myself rooting for all the characters as the story progresses. Heartwarming!"


"Sandi Rebert did an incredible job of creating characters that drew you into their world. Each of them have so much to show you about faith, love and life's challenges. The ending was truly a surprise. In Due Season is so well written, historically correct and captivating."


"A must read historical fiction story! From the beginning I couldn’t put it down! A story of Love, loss and redemption. Can’t wait to read more from this author!"


"This book is a powerful story about life, relationships, and struggles in colonial America. Sandi does a superb job of capturing the time period and opening up a door into the past for the reader. The book keeps you engaged with many twists and turns in the plot, so it goes quickly! I am eagerly awaiting the sequel! Brilliantly written!!!!"






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