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Piano Level 1

Review of the Primer Level, Key of F, I & V7 Chords in C and F, Tempos, Musical Form, New Dynamics, Pick up Notes, Dynamic Shading, Accents, Key of G, I & V7 Chords in G,  Dotted Quarter Notes, Single Notes, 8va/8vb, 4 beamed Eighth Notes, Natural Sign, Using the Pedal, Changing Hand Positions. Includes original songs to reinforce

lesson concepts, write-in music theory activities, children's

favorites and character or Bible-based songs.


*103 pages with quality comb binding

Colorful Illustrations

*56 laminated flash cards

*Instruction letter to parents
*Letter to Teacher
*Practice Rules Chart
*Answer Key
 Color Promotion Certificate

Please Note:

Piano Books and Activity Sheet Packets are NOT reproducible.

All music books are shipped by media mail.

International orders will receive an email giving instructions

concerning the cost of shipping and how to send payment. 

Piano Level 1
24.95 USD


Do you have two or more students from one family in the same level? Order the additional Activity Sheets packet instead of extra books (one per child) and save money! (Please note: these do not qualify for the rebate deal.)


Piano Level 1 Packet
10.95 USD

Activity Sheets

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