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 Sacred Piano Sheet Music 


For a small price, you can purchase sacred sheet music from Dramatic Difference Publications. (Your music will be sent to your email after payment.) We will be adding more to the list, so come back often!

 Elementary Level

"O Little Town of Bethlehem"
0.95 USD

A beginner arrangement in the middle C position with a simple introduction and ending and stepwise embellishment.

Intermediate Level

"Amazing Grace"
1.95 USD

This selection presents three variations of Amazing Grace. The first imitates bagpipes, the second is played legato and the third is a light bell-like rendition. For late beginner/early intermediate level.

Advanced Level

"Master the Tempest is Raging/Solfegietto"
3.95 USD

"Master the Tempest is Raging" played with parts of Solfeggieto creates the feeling of the storm and fear the discples were experiencing. It builds until the final section which makes a sudden, dramatic change, depicting first the majesty and power of Christ and finally His peace.

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