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     A Picture of Calvary       Comments

"Beautifully written!"


"Simple, but with much impact."


"Let's do this one every Easter!"


Totally Biblical through and through."


"Best Easter program we've ever done!"


Dynamic...never seen anything like it!"


"The most amazing program I've ever directed!"


"Good programs are hard to find; this one is profound!'


"Our cast couldn't read through the script without crying."


"The song, "Do I Deny My Lord," really spoke to my heart."


"Our church has asked us to put it on again next month!"


"Each cast member was incredibly

moved by the person they played."


"People said it was the best Easter program

they'd ever seen in their lives!"


"The comment I heard the most was,

I never saw the cross like this before...

it's amazing, and it really was for me!"


"There were sixteen saved that morning and EVERYONE who attended that morning

rededicated themselves to the Lord!!!"


"Thank you, not only for a wonderful product,

but an amazing life-changing experience!"


"The play's flexiblity, because there is no interaction

between characters, made it easy to work with."


"People have been calling us to let us know

what a difference it made in their lives!"

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