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              Welcome to our new category of quality Christian books! 

In Due Season: A Story of Colonial Williamsburg

Born in a London workhouse, John has suffered years of physical and verbal abuse. Finally managing to escape, he stows away on a ship bound for the colonies, only to be discovered while out at sea. After another failed attempt at freedom, he is sold as an indentured servant to the bootmaker in Williamsburg, Virginia. His newfound faith in Christ is tested daily by his master’s arrogant son. Then Elizabeth walks into his life… (A Christian Historical Romance Novel)

A Heart to Forgive:

A Tale of Trial and Triumph in Old Philadelphia

It's 1876, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Centennial Exhibition is the largest in the country! Against this backdrop of excitement, creativity, and technological innovations, two hurting souls meet at Hope Mission in the heart of the city's slum district. Both are seeking direction from God for the future. Both desperately need to forgive. (A Christian Historical Novella with a Touch of Romance.)

                                Redemption's Promise

Jason bar Micaiah is just sixteen years old. His father, an insurrectionist, has been killed; his mother is missing. Given the choice of death, slavery, or becoming the son of a Roman centurion—he chooses adoption. Though he despises his new identity, his secret goal is to use it to his advantage—to continue his father’s fight against Roman tyranny. Believing that the man who calls himself the Messiah can help him in his quest, his life becomes an exciting, dangerous, and soul-searching adventure that ultimately leads to the true meaning of Redemption’s Promise. (a fast-paced Biblical fiction novel for ages 16 through adult)

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