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Christian Programs, Plays, Musicals, Cantatas and Piano Music

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What exactly is a Director's Notebook? We're glad you asked. It's everything you need and more to present a Christ-honoring program! Script, Sheet Music (where applicable), Director's Organizational Helps, Costuming & Scenery, Resource ideas, Publicity - and it's ALL reproducible, which makes it very economical!

Want to save money?  Order the download instead. Your script download and Sheet Music will be sent by email within 1 - 2 business days. (If you've ordered the Director's Notebook" and would also like the script sent ASAP, there is no need to purchase the download. Just indicate your desire on your order.) A link for the Wave Files will be sent to your email via

Easter Programs, Plays, Musicals

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Please note: Since Easter is getting closer, if you order a Director's Notebook for an Easter Program,

you will also be sent a copy of the

script via email so you can get started right away.

 A Picture of Calvary 

Our Most popular program!

The unique responses of fourteen Biblical characters to Christ.

A Picture of Calvary

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A Light in the Darkness 

A heart-warming  musical drama about a widow and her crippled son who find hope in the Messiah.  (Present as just a drama or a full musical with the included original songs.)

"A Light in the Darkness"

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Redemption's Promise

Believing the Man, Who calls Himself the Messiah, has come to free his people from Roman tyranny, sixteen year-old Jason becomes involved in an exciting, dangerous, and soul-searching adventure that leads him to the true meaning of "Redemption's Promise."

"Redemption's Promise"

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Tell Me the Story of Jesus 

The life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ is told in dramatic vignettes. Suggestions for hymns are given. There are no original songs with this program.

"Tell Me the Story of Jesus"

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Christmas Programs, Plays, Musicals

A Gift for Melissa 

The endearing story of a little girl's one wish for Christmas -

her daddy's salvation.

"A Gift for Melissa"

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Christmas Cards and Carols

In this simple, but powerful program, three-dimensional Christmas cards "come to life" to tell the true meaning of the season.

"Christmas Cards and Carols"

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Christmas Memories

Set during the Victorian age, "Christmas Memories" is the endearing story of an older Christian woman who takes a nostalgic look back at the special Christmas seasons in her life.

"Christmas Memories"

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The Fullness of Time

The beautiful story of the nativity as a musical! Includes nine original songs! (May also be presented as just the drama or the included 3-page Scripture narration with the music.)

"The Fullness of Time"

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General Programs, Plays, Musicals

Mountains on the Prairie - NEW!

A Boston school teacher finds Prairie View, Wyoming, full of unique people and challenges. A Humorous...exciting...moving drama of the Old West.

"Mountains on the Prairie"

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In Due Season

Set in Colonial WIlliamsburg during the American Revolution, "In Due Season" is the story of five individua fighting their own personal "Wars." Great for teens!

"In Due Season"

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The Innocent for the Guilty

When Troy Daniels and his family arrive in town, Toby, the town's busy-body is certain the young man is on the run. His suspicions are well-founded. The boy is facing serious accusations from a childhood friend, the loss of his fiancee, and the probablility of a hanging. (May be presented as a musical or with just the drama.)

"The Innocent for the Guilty"

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Dramatic Hymn Stories

The moving origins of nine of our most beloved hymns

are portrayed in dramatic vignettes.

"Dramatic Hymn Stories"

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A House Divided

The year is 1865. The country is divided and so is a family

tucked away on a farm near Five Forks, Virginia.

"A House Divided"

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A Heart to Forgive

A story of trial and triumph in Old Philadelphia

"A Heart to Forgive"

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Biographical Plays and Programs

Morning Star of Truth

The true story of John Wycliffe, the first man to translate the Bible into English, with the added storyline of a medieval family struggling against the doctrines of the established church. 

"Morning Star of Truth"

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A Heart for Missions

Presenting the lives of three famous missionaries of the past, David Brainerd, George Mueller, and Hudson Taylor. Can be used as individual dramas or together for a longer program.

"A Heart for Missions"

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Bible Women of Virtue

The cahracter qualities of several women of the Bible are portrayed through the use of monologue, dramatic reading,  reader's theater, and dramatic vignettes.

"Bible Women of Virtue"

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A thematic program from the pages of Scripture portrayed through a myriad of dramatic forms as well as suggestions for musical selections.  Includes the life of Joseph!


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Piano Books

 Piano Course

A comprehensive piano course designed specifically for Christians. May be used with a teacher or self-taught.

Available in four levels.

Praising God on the Piano

For more options, visit the page for each level.

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Arrangement Books

"Simplified Hymns" book includes 77 hymns with the melody in the right hand and simple chords in the left. "Faith Shall Be Sight" arrangement book (late intermediate/early advanced.)

Piano Books


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