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Praising God on the Piano Level 4

Piano Level 4 is still in the works. However, Lessons 1-6 can be downloaded for $1 per lesson by clicking the button below.! 

Lesson 1 - Reviews all the Major and Minor keys learned to this point as well as Notes and Terms. Practice is provided in different Keys,

Tempos and Articulations. 


Lesson 2 - Introduces Parallel Minor Keys and applies it to hymn-playing as well as reviewing

Keys of C Major, C Minor, and  A Minor. It

includes a new arrangement of "At Calvary" and demonstrates how to change from C Major to

C Minor to fit the words of the verse.


Lesson 3 - Reviews the Keys of F and G Major

(as well as D minor and E Minor), Ornaments,

8va and Ledger Line Notes. It includes an arrangement of "Revive Us Again" and

Chopin's "Prelude in E Minor."


Lesson 4 - Reviews note values and includes a

chart with vales to 128th notes. Practice is provided up to 32nd notes and also includes transposing.

The Key of Bb and G minor are reviewed with

hymn arrangement of "'Tis So Sweet to Trust

in Jesus." and the classical piece by Bach,

"Polanise in G minor."


Lesson 5 - Introduces the Trill and includes arrangement of "Nothing But the Blood

with Pachelbel's Canon in D." It also

has a review of Time Signatures and

introduces unusual time signatures.


Lesson 6 - Introduces the Tremelo and an arrangement of "Master, the Tempest is Raging" with Carl Bach's "Solfegietto."

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