Christian Programs, Plays, Musicals, Cantatas and Piano Music
Christian Programs, Plays, Musicals, Cantatas and Piano Music

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Praising God on the Piano - Piano Course

Primer Level

For beginners. No previous musical knowledge needed!

Music basics. Key

of C. 

Level 1

Elementary Level. New Keys of F and G Major. More terms, techniques, etc. Lots of review, write-in activities.

Level 2

Late Elementary to early Intermediate. Adds specially arranged classics. New keys of B flat and D Major.

Level 3

Intermediate to early advanced. Adds hymn-playing techniques. Four new major keys; 9 relative minor keys.

The detailed lessons, written in a conversational style, are very easy to understand.  Everything is biblically based.  Original songs reinforce the concepts being taught or biblical truths and character building qualities.  Children's favorites (Primer and Level 1), Classics including the biographical information of the composers  (beginning with Level 2), and graded hymn arrangements (with background information about each hymn's origin) round out the musical selections. 

Write-in activity worksheets provide hands on practice to make music theory understandable.


Each level comes in a three-ring binder with divider tabs.  There are twenty detailed lessons, with colorful illustrations, per level.  More than 50 Flash Cards are included with a plastic storage pouch that attaches to the inside of the book so the cards won't  get lost!  It also comes with a FREE Answer Key and teaching instructions.  We've even included Practice Record Sheets, Reward Stickers, and a Promotion Certificate!


To save you money, rather than purchase individual books on the same level for more than one student in the same household, we also have additional Activity Sheet packets which may be purchased for a fraction of the book price.  These also include Reward Stickers and a Promotion Certificate.

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